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This page is for the English speakers. The sitemap has been translated for your use and under-standing. You will find the equivalent downloads on the different links in the download section as well as on the list of downloads in English with a short description on the right.

Downloads in English

On this side you find PDF documents that are in English and you can easily find the information you are looking for. Check it out!

What is Coaching? - - - -
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Q & A?
Clients (secured section)
Partners  (secured section)
ICF  (secured section)

ICF Certification Rgistration Form for Coaching Schools
ACSTH Application.pdf

ICF Certification Rgistration Form for Coaches

Sample of a Coaching Agreement
Coaching Agreement_Beispiel.pdf

Brochure to explane the Extraordinary Game Process
Ex-Game Brochure-Short Version.pdf

Study of the ROI of Coaching by MetrixGlobal
MetrixGlobal Coaching ROI Briefing PRG.pdf

Form for the 1st Coaching Session
Preparation for 1st Coaching.pdf

Form for the next Coaching Session
Preparation form for next coaching.pdf

Explaning the Successful Transiiton Coaching Process in Companies
Successful Transition.pdf

Explaning the Workshop "What's next?"
What's next E.pdf